Spell Kits

Each Spell Kit contains ritual tools that have been selected to achieve the desired result. These ritual tools represent the Elements:

Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

Each item in the Spell Kit has been personally selected by me for an unique and specific purpose.

Select from the following Spell Kits:

Love Spell Kits

Spell to attract love.

Spell to win back a lover.

Spell to bring peace between lovers.

Spell to mend a broken heart.

Spell to win friends and popularity.

Spell Kits of Good Fortune

Spell to change bad luck to good.

Spell to attract money.

Spell for gambling luck.

Spell to gain and develop happiness.

Spell Kits for Protection and Healing

Spell to cross enemies.

Spell to conquer those who make you suffer.

Spell to get rid of evil influences.

Spell to get uncrossed.

Custom Spell Kits

If you do not see the type of spell kit you need, I will prepare a custom spell kit to help you achieve your desired results.  The cost of a custom spell kit is $70.  Please email me with a describtion of the type of spell kit you want when you place your order.

Each Spell Kit comes with some or all of following contents:

Spell Instructions
To perform a Spell effectively, you must call upon energies from around you.  These energies emanate from the Elements known as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  If called upon correctly, these Elements represent portals through which energy is brought to you during the Spell.  Properly harnessed, these energies will allow you to perform the Spell and achieve the desired results.  Each Spell Kit comes with complete instructions for performing the Spell.

Each stone is selected for proper vibration and intent for each individual Spell. They are cleansed and consecrated during the correct phase of the moon to achieve the purest level of energy possible. In the Spell, the stone represents the element of "Earth" and will lend "stability" to create the desired result.  Let this highest of energy forms take you away to that sacred place!

These magnificent cleansing products are made of the finest ingredients that are blessed and consecrated with the highest of magical intent. This product is made by hand with love, lavender and pure glycerin.

All incense is hand-dipped and rolled. The wonderful person who creates these high magical tools does so by channeling the intent and energy for each batch from the divine spirit. Each batch is made for a particular magical purpose, and all are made cruelty-free. In the Spell, the incense represents the element of "Air" which will become the "carrier" to achieve the desired result.  This is simply the finest incense there is. I believe you will agree once you have tried it!

All of our candles are 100% beeswax and have been hand dipped.  Bees are a representation of the Great Goddess and their wax represents Resurrection & Reincarnation.  In Spells, the lit candle represents the Element of "Fire" and will provide the "drive" to achieve the desired result. 

All oils are custom blended and blessed for a particular magickal purpose.  All oils are suitable for anointing or aromatherapy.  The oil will lend its "compassions" to achieve the desired result. 

Herbs are truly a wonderful gift of Nature.  Our herbs are the purest available and are selected to obtain the desired result.