Is there someone in your life that you would like to send a love spell to or an enemy that you would like to stop their influence in your life? Let me perform a Ritual Spell to help you bring about a change in your life.

You select the type of Spell and the person you want it directed toward. I will then perform the Spell on your behalf. The person you directed the Spell toward will be sent a notification of the Spell. This notification will be sent from Salem, Massachusetts, and can be anonymous or your name can be included.  The cost to Send-a-Spell is $25.

Love Spells

Spell to attract love.

Spell to win back a lover.

Spell to bring peace between lovers.

Spell to mend a broken heart.

Spell to win friends and popularity.

Spells of Good Fortune

Spell to change bad luck to good.

Spell to attract money.

Spell for gambling luck.

Spell to gain and develop happiness.

Spells for Protection and Healing

Spell to cross enemies.

Spell to conquer those who make you suffer.

Spell to get rid of evil influences.

Spell to get uncrossed.