About Anna

I have been a practicing witch for over 20 years. My own Wicca training was primarily in Salem, Massachusetts but I have worked with witches in North America, Europe and Australia.

I am content with my own spiritual practice, which is to live in harmony with nature and to learn to accept and love myself and others unconditionally.

I aim to release my fear of death, so that when the time comes, I greet it with joy rather than dread.

I believe that each and every one of us is here for a special karmic purpose—principally for our own souls to grow and develop in light and love. I’m sure I must have been on this Earth before, although it is the here and now that matters.

I am part of a profession that is much maligned and misunderstood.  However, it is a profession that continues to fascinate people. The notion of the witch still calls to the child within every adult, just as it did when we sat enthralled by a bedtime story. 

This website offers a way of rekindling the old magick for yourself, away from television programs and videos, taking you right back to the very heart of nature.

Remember, without nature there is no magick!